Implementing microstates in Backbone.js


Wireframe made with Balsamiq, including four color-coded interactions which will be discussed in the post.

When developing a Backbone.js mobile web app recently, I needed to create a unique history state without a unique URL when opening an overlay. This was done to allow the user to hit back in the browser and be returned to the view which launched the overlay. While solving this problem, I landed upon a concept of microstates which I thought might be of interest to other web app developers.

In this post I will first give an overview of the HTML5 History API, then talk about how to create a microstate in a Backbone app, and conclude with the implications of exposing microstates.

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Intro to Grunt via the Cabin static site generator

Cabin logo

Cabin is a static site generator powered by Grunt. It uses the Grunt plugin ecosystem to automate all of its required build tasks, resulting in a great workflow. In this post, I will talk about how Grunt works in the context of generating static sites with Cabin.

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Getting high on your own Svpply

Svpply Shopping socially on the Internet is the best way to discover stylish products from across the world. Using social shopping platforms, consumers can browse recommended products from multiple stores in a single location. In this post, I will discuss a social shopping platform called Svpply.

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Tools and Strategies for node.js Development on GitHub

octocat When developing open source node.js projects on GitHub, there are tools and strategies which you can use to streamline development and increase the quality of your repo. In this post, I will share what I have learned about these topics during my experience on GitHub.

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